Deadlift Domination (EN)

Deadlifting hybrid event between Powerlifting and Strongman

📅  July 23rd 2022

📍 Gelsenkirchener Str. 89a, 45141 Essen

🏆  Women relative ranking according to dots formula, Men’s absolute ranking in the weight classes -100 and 100+

💰 Entry fee 40€

⏳ Registration deadline May 24th 2022

Quick rule overview:
– Powerlifting standard, meaning no hitching, no downwards movement, knees have to be locked completely for a valid attempt
– Just a suit, no briefs; singlet has to be worn in case the athlete is not wearing a suit
– Straps are allowed but the thumb must be on the bar
– Deadlift socks and shoes/slippers have to be worn
– 2h weigh in on the day of competition
– Deadlift bar will be used
– Belt allowed
– Sumo or conventional

You can find the official announcement here. Please read it carefully before entering the meet via the form below!

Time table: