Deadlift Domination (EN)

Deadlifting hybrid event between Powerlifting and Strongman

📅  July 23rd 2022

📍 Gelsenkirchener Str. 89a, 45141 Essen

🏆  Women relative ranking according to dots formula, Men’s absolute ranking in the weight classes -100 and 100+

💰 Entry fee 40€

⏳ Registration deadline May 24th 2022

Quick rule overview:
– Powerlifting standard, meaning no hitching, no downwards movement, knees have to be locked completely for a valid attempt
– Just a suit, no briefs; singlet has to be worn in case the athlete is not wearing a suit
– Straps are allowed but the thumb must be on the bar
– Deadlift socks and shoes/slippers have to be worn
– 2h weigh in on the day of competition
– Deadlift bar will be used
– Belt allowed
– Sumo or conventional

You can find the official announcement here. Please read it carefully before entering the meet via the form below!


After submitting the below registration form we will check your information as well as the current capacity of the competition and get back to you afterwards on how to pay the entry fee. After having received your entry fee we will send you a validation via mail confirming your successful registration to the competition. In case we do not receive your entry fee within 7 days we will re-open your spot to the public again.
With my registration and participation in the „Deadlift Domination“ competition organized by Kraftsportverein Essen 1888 e.V., I bindingly declare that I am taking part in this event on July 23, 2022 at my own risk. By registering for the competition, I declare that I have no health concerns about my participation. I release the organizer from all claims that arise in connection with the said event, in particular due to an accident, regardless of whether it is the fault of one‘s own or a third party or for any other reason. This waiver of liability applies to claims for any legal reason, in particular both for claims for damages from contractual and non-contractual liability and also for claims from tort. I agree that the data specified in my registration, which I have in connection with my participation in the competition, will be used for the purpose of planning and running the competition. In the event of non-attendance or cancellation of the event due to force majeure, there is no entitlement to a refund of the entry fee.